1st Album - WWwW

Wandering Wonder with Wall

On November 22, 2020, I released my first solo album "Wandering Wonder With Wall". The concept was what kind of world she would see if Alice in Wonderland was floating in modern society. Will you stay on Earth or fly in the sky? Or will it fly to the moon? Sounds were extracted and wrapped from a journey to explore 12 places. Please listen it.
You can feel the movement from the back of the wall. She was wondering while wandering It is shaken by the waves of sound and drifts in society. Soil above and clouds below. Moonlight in the day and sun in the night. Water burns with trees, Fire is flowing in the river. Something is strange. However, I don't feel any change from everyday life. I also live in that kind of world now. A little discomfort, if you hold it. I will try to make it into words. I'm sure that lost child will be the same.

  1. In Voice 2:28
  2. To Gas For Us 2:52
  3. Hiding Crown 1:45
  4. Paradigm 10:22
  5. BM10 7:40
  6. Pocket 7:37
  7. Aurora 2:36
  8. DisCover 6:07
  9. New Port 2:46
  10. Quest 2:04
  11. Scape 2:32
  12. Source 6:49