2nd Album - Shape of Sound

Shape of Sound

I can't make a monophonic and dry room tile, but this work is called the curtain from "MTT / AC - IN". This work, which has been made into a group of musicians "Music Print Label" sound, has been carefully designed with the playability of the music "Shape of Sound", which consistently "celebrates sight and hearing, and experiences a borderless journey." However, it is secretly promoted by eliminating the fidelity with music, and the stoic sound image wearing that resolutely singing the table cup concrate and his quest for his sympathy of love dance therm were fully musicized. "MTT / AC - CORE" and "MTT / AC" are melted and replayed after pressing the space studded with the ending sound and Kouzuma Shinon of 3D design. "Strange waves (Outbound ~ Inbound)" has a folk music groove, and has a folk music groove. Vapor's poem "Object" of this work, which was attacked by a kind of minimal music idea, and now a masterpiece with good music "Surface (Front ~ Pause ~ Back)" This is also the best music in music, the relationship between things and theft, the relationship between songs and sounds, and the music that goes around the processing of 3D music. From the rally R & B to free jazz pa black music, the whole picture of roots guide music.